The launch Galaxy Fold will herald the arrival of a whole new category of smartphones, introducing one of the most meaningful innovations in smartphone technology in the past decade. Samsung has released a new video on 15th, ahead of the commercial launch of the device.


This video dramatizes the device’s unique trait, the foldable screen, through a powerfully-crafted dance performance, created by world-renowned choreographer Amy Gardner.


The film follows a dancer as she breaks free from rigidity and physical constraints. She moves through a period of self-exploration and into a state of self-realization that manifests in a powerful dance sequence. The film then resolves with the reveal of the Galaxy Fold, clasped in the dancer’s hand. The music is a modern reinterpretation of ‘Tom’s Diner’ from the critically acclaimed artist Santigold.


Pio Schunker at global marketing team said “As much as the Fold is a brand-new category-changing device, we challenged ourselves to create a marketing campaign that was on-par with this product. Therefore, we did not rely on ‘traditional’ launch ideas where it was focused mostly on communicating product features – but rather on how we could communicate effectively with our target audience emotionally. As you can see from our initial teaser using the bold Korean type on a global scale, we continued to do our best to deliver the product story in unique and new ways with the Galaxy Fold.”


The video offers viewers a tantalizing new perspective on Samsung’s most advanced and innovative device to date. Further Galaxy Fold videos, embracing a range of imaginative concepts, will be released on Samsung’s social media in the run up to the device’s global launch.

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