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(as of Mar 11,2020 10:55:32 UTC – Details)

FITFlex Finger Strap Phone Holder is made by an ultra slim band with soft leather material.
Recommended to the people who are having a trouble with the thickness of ring or the material issue.

✔ Made by elastic leather band, and it is fine to holding for a while.
✔ Optimized to use a smartphone with one hand.
✔ Designed with considering a elasticity of belt.
✔ Convenient that it restores to original position when it’s not used.

✔ 3M product has been used as adhesive tape.
✔ It has a strong tension about 3kg

✔ It has been produced by the soft material, so it has less sense of difference and easy to use it with battery charging and the cradle.

■ All products are shipped beautifully packed in a formal plastic package

■ Size : 2.9 x 1.3 x 0.11 inch (only band is 0.03 inch)
Wireless Charging Related Tip
1. Please attach stainless material not to come in the middle. 
– Since most of the wireless charging terminals are located at the center, attaching the center of the stainless area may cause the battery to not charge or generate heat. 

2. Using the side attachment method increases the charge rate. 
– It is also good to attach to the side. (Please consider the mounting position before attaching the thread.) 

3. If attached to a thick case, wireless charging may be difficult. 
– It may stop charging if the distance from the charger becomes long. Therefore, attaching Fitflex to a thick case may cause the distance to be farther away, wireless charging will be difficult.

Made in Korea
RECLAIM – the use of your hand for multitasking while ably holding a drink, suitcase, shopping bag, umbrella or stroller. Perfect for when hands are full.
ELIMINATE – constant, mindful and strenuous clutching of mobile devices to improve hand health and peace of mind.
COMPATIBLE – with any handheld mobile device with 0.8mm Ultra Slim Band
3M Product has been used as adhesive tape, has a strong tension about 2.5kg