The iPhone is the most popular smartphone ever, and its burgeoning App Store houses over 2 million apps, according to 2016 statistics by Statista. Advanced features of the iPhone make it comparable to a mid-range desktop computer, which means you can use it to run your business on the go. This article introduces you to some apps that can greatly improve the productivity of your iPhone.

1. Microsoft Office (Documents)

Microsoft Office is popularly regarded as the last word in office software. Their ubiquitous Office suite of applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote, are available for the iPhone also. Combined with other free and proprietary Microsoft software, such as Skype, Delve, OneDrive, Sway, etc., Microsoft provides a complete productivity suite for your iPhone. Most of the basic features of these apps are available for free out of the box as well.


2. OmniFocus (Task Organizer)

OmniFocus is a highly popular iPhone task organizer. In fact, calling it a task organizer is discounting the entire set of functionalities it offers. OmniFocus lets you create goals and projects and assign contexts to them. Its forecasting feature allows you to easily browse your upcoming due items. OmniFocus provides several contextual views of your work, known as “perspectives.” It allows you to stay on top of your projects by connecting multiple devices, such as your Macbook, iPad, and Apple Watch.


3. Slack (Business Communication)

Slack is one of the highest-rated business communication solutions on the App Store. The app brings together teams to collaborate and get the work done on the go. The strength of Slack is its ability to scale up as the team grows. Slack easily integrates various tools such as Twitter, Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive, Mailchimp, etc., and lets you create communication channels for various departments, projects, and locations. In addition to messaging, Slack provides a platform for sharing all kinds of files among team members. This collaborative business tool can make work easy, collegial, and efficient.


4. Evernote (Notes)

A smashing success on all mobile platforms, Evernote elevates note-taking to the next level, with integration to multiple social media and productivity apps, easy searching, to-do lists, and cloud-syncing across multiple platforms. Evernote is available on almost all platforms–Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and the web. By default, the app is available for free, but there are Plus and Premium versions that provide additional cloud storage space and more options upon subscription.


5. LastPass (Password Management)

Since 2008, LastPass leads the pack of password management apps. The strength of LastPass is its presence across all major smartphone and desktop computing platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Macintosh, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and the web. Acquired by cloud-based remote connectivity and SaaS provider LogMeIn in 2015, LastPass continues to operate its freemium solution that promises airtight security for your passwords and secure notes with AES 256-bit encryption and salting. Additional features such as password generation and storage of form-fill data are also available. You can also share the passwords securely with others to give them temporary access to your accounts.


6. Waze (Navigation)

Waze, a subsidiary of Google, is not a replacement for Google Maps; it’s a companion that complements your phone’s maps feature with additional data such as traffic jams, accidents, hazards, alerts, police presence, road closures, etc. Live maps updated in real time by other users and turn-by-turn navigation help you travel smoothly avoiding traffic issues as well as choose your routes carefully. Also, Waze is seamlessly connected with other social networks such as Facebook to fetch data on your friends’ locations and movements.


7. Adobe Photoshop Fix (Photo Editing)

Photoshop Fix is a component of Adobe’s collection of apps for editing and retouching photos on the iPhone. Photoshop Fix has several features to edit and retouch photographs and to adjust their look and feel. It’s a great free app with which you can smoothen, lighten, darken, adjust colors, paint, blur, etc. In addition to quick retouching, Fix allows you to share your photos quickly on social networks such as Instagram.


8. Duolingo (Language Learning)

When it comes to learning a new language at your own pace, completely free, there is no competition for Duolingo. The Duolingo community of users keeps developing the platform by providing corrections, notes, and comments to guide language learners through every step. The best thing about the platform is that it’s all completely free for learners. With a smacking interface, Duolingo makes professional language acquisition very easy on your iPhone.


9. Wolfram Alpha (Learning)

Wolfram Alpha is the Wikipedia of not only math but all kinds of expert information. It’s an exhaustive knowledge base that makes use of sophisticated algorithms and a backend of vast data to bring you answers to your technical queries fast. It’s the best companion for math problem-solving in a variety of areas, such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus. In addition, Wolfram Alpha helps with physics, electronics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, astronomy, earth sciences, geography, history, linguistics, finance, and many more. It’s definitely more than math and is a perfect learning companion for high-school and college students.


10. Fitocracy (Fitness)

Fitocracy rules the area of fitness gamification in the App Store. The community-based fitness app provides a huge range of workout options and tracks the progress in your fitness goals. The free version is extremely easy to use, and there is also a premium version that provides personal trainer support. The updates from friends and fitness enthusiasts around the world help you keep track of your progress with confidence and achieve your goals faster.

There are many highly useful apps in the App Store, and we have touched upon only a tiny subset of them. Some obvious choices such as Google Maps, Gmail, and WhatsApp have been omitted as they are already extremely popular. The presence of such amazing apps on the platform makes the iPhone the incredibly productive smartphone it is.