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In the next five years, 27.1B networked devices and 13.7B IoT connections will come online. The amount of information and data gathered through those connections is mind-blowing. All these connections will allow us to do things we never thought possible, but they’ll also require the highest levels of cybersecurity. That’s why I’m so excited to have been a guest on Cisco VP and Chief Privacy Officer, Michelle Dennedy’s Privacy Sigma Riders Podcast series.

Privacy Sigma Riders is essential listening for anyone interested in cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, so it’s no surprise that we started by looking at Cisco’s Hierarchy for Digital Business and security as the foundation of any digitization effort – across any industry.

But, we didn’t stop there. We covered topics from machine learning and artificial intelligence, to casinos using data analytics to track swindlers – all the way to how Cisco is converging yet one more thing over Ethernet: your car. You could say the two of us podcast enthusiasts geeked out a bit over the potential and pitfalls of data.

Be sure to tune in this coming Tuesday April 10th to hear Michelle’s point of view on what makes a Privacy Sigma Rider – and to learn what I’m most excited about at Cisco!

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