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Samsung Showcase Comes to Vietnam, Offering New Experience in Technology and Entertainment – Samsung Global Newsroom

On March 15, Samsung Showcase officially opened in Vietnam – the company’s third showcase in the world after the U.S. and Germany – bringing extraordinary immersive experiences in unique and innovative technology.



Featuring a full spectrum of exclusive technologies and products developed by Samsung Electronics, the Showcase is an opportunity for the company to highlight the connected living experience and demonstrate how it can enrich the daily lives of consumers.



With a total area of 1,010m2 which occupies 2 floors, Samsung Showcase is an inspiring space that connects people to trend-setting technologies and a creative culture and technology playground located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.



Samsung Showcase offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the connected living experience across four separate zones: Mobile experience, Inspiring living room, Smart Kitchen, and Impressive virtual reality entertainment. Each zone offers a real-life demonstration of how Samsung’s products can enhance everyday life for consumers.



“Samsung Showcase fully encompasses passion points such as art, entertainment, sports, health and cuisine, and they are brought to life by the latest and most advanced technology products and services we can offer,” said Kyung Wook Suh, President of Samsung Vina Electronics. “We seek to inspire and awaken the creative potentials of millennials to defy all limits.”



So, what is in store next for Samsung Showcase? Samsung will continue to bring its newest innovations in mobile, home entertainment and intelligent Smart Kitchen for the visitors. Visitors at the Ho Chi Minh City Showcase can fully experience what Samsung has to offer in connected living and also be a part of Samsung’s continuing story of innovation towards the future.



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