Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of a brand-new newsroom in Kazakhstan, which will keep local media and consumers informed of the company’s latest news and releases.


Samsung Newsroom Kazakhstan will serve as a go-to source for updates on Samsung’s latest innovations, as well as insights into the company’s business and citizenship activities in the country. Visitors to the website will enjoy access to a wide range of exciting content, including feature articles, interviews and infographics, along with high-definition photos and videos.


Samsung Newsroom Kazakhstan will keep local media and consumers up to date with the company’s latest products and services. Above is Chol Woong Yoon, President of Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia, delivering an inspiring speech.


The Kazakhstan newsroom will offer insight into Samsung’s business and citizenship activities in Kazakhstan and throughout Central Asia. Above is the launch of Galaxy S9 and S9+ celebrated at Almaty Ice Arena, March 17.


Samsung Newsroom Kazakhstan is the company’s 21st newsroom to date, following the Global Newsroom, as well as local editions in the United States, Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Germany, Russia, Mexico, the U.K., Argentina, Malaysia, Italy, South Africa, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Taiwan, among others.


Samsung has been a fixture in Kazakhstan since 1996. The Kazakhstan office operates under the name Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia, and also oversees operations in neighboring Central Asian countries including Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia.


For more information on Samsung’s activities in Kazakhstan and throughout Central Asia, visit Samsung Newsroom Kazakhstan at

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