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Samsung Expands Developer Support to Deliver Premium Mobile Gaming – Samsung Global Newsroom

From blockbuster RPGs to clan wars and classic puzzles, our smartphones are now powerful enough to deliver premium gaming experiences. Now Samsung is helping developers push the envelope further.


Samsung has been working to expand its gaming ecosystem to make Galaxy devices the go-to platform for gamers. The all-new Galaxy Store, for example, will become the single destination for all digital items related to Galaxy devices, making it easier and more convenient to discover and download everything from new games, to applications, themes, fonts and more.


With developers in mind, the company is enabling high-performance game development through its Galaxy GameDev program, which features exclusive tools and technical support.


  • Vulkan API equips developers with the right tools to deliver a high-quality gaming experience. An enhanced iteration of Vulkan announced at Samsung Developer Conference 2018, offers 10 percent improved performance compared to the OpenGL ES, taking user gaming experience to the next level.


  • GPUWatch aids developers in their monitoring and measurement of performance between Vulkan and OpenGL ES. It’s now packed with new features, such as overlaid measurement results and real-time information on-screen – all made possible without separate installation or PC connection.


Along with key partnerships with some of the world’s biggest game companies such as Epic Games, Square Enix and Niantic Inc., Samsung has created an unparalleled mobile gaming platform that makes having fun on the go easier than ever. Check out the motion graphic below to see all that’s new with Samsung’s gaming ambitions from Samsung Developer Conference 2018.


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