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Samsung Electronics Continues to Support Efforts Against Smartphone Use in Traffic – Samsung Global Newsroom

Responsibility is an important part of technology – both in creating and using it – and one aspect Samsung Electronics continues to focus on is safe use of technology while in traffic. As the Dutch government launched “MONO: Undisturbed,” a campaign to reduce the use of smartphones in traffic, last week, Samsung Electronics joined the efforts with the In-Traffic Reply app it announced last year.



It is well known that it is dangerous to operate a smartphone while driving. However, research shows that two thirds of the Dutch feel pressured to respond immediately to messages – even when behind the wheel – and more than 70% of the people aged between 15 and 24 still call or send messages with their phones while in traffic, a quarter check their social media feed and almost one in five reply to a message while they drive.


In-Traffic Reply detects when you are behind the wheel or on your bike and automatically answers all incoming messages with your pre-determined personalized message while you’re driving. More than 100,000 Dutch people already have In-Traffic Reply on their phone. The focus, this year, is to encourage more people to actively use the solution.


Samsung Electronics, the Dutch government and other partners including ANWB, Veilig Verkeer Nederland and Fietsersbond will continue to support the MONO campaign to raise awareness and promote action against smartphone use while driving.

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