At this year’s IFA, Samsung Electronics celebrated the launch of its latest eye-catching TV, QLED 8K, by organizing an eye-catching display of another kind.


From August 31 to September 1, Samsung’s “Perfect Reality” campaign placed a series of attention-grabbing advertisements at three Berlin landmarks: the  Weinmeister station, the Berlin Congress Center, and RAW-Gelände, a cultural center.  The unique ads spotlighted QLED 8K’s industry-leading picture quality with captivating scenes centered around the themes of sport, sci-fi and food.


Utilizing real-life models and objects to encapsulate the “Perfect Reality” that QLED 8K, with its ultra-high resolution and image-optimizing technologies, is capable of providing, the intricate and arresting scenes caused many a passerby to come in for a closer look. Clips of the public’s reactions to the ads were shared on various social media channels by Germany’s most popular influencers, including renowned photographers and YouTubers.  


QLED 8K is currently being showcased at Samsung’s IFA 2018 booth, located on the second floor of CityCube Berlin.


QLED 8K’s “Perfect Reality” campaign placed eye-catching ads at a total of three Berlin landmarks, including the famous Berlin Congress Center.


At Weinmeister station, passersby take a second to admire the campaign’s intricate setups, which utilized actual models and objects to showcase QLED 8K’s industry-leading picture quality.

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