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After purchasing a product, which company channel do customers then turn to the most throughout the lifespan of that product? The answer is a company’s customer service. Customers will contact a customer service when they have questions about or issues with the products that they have purchased. More than just a ‘repair’ center, ‘customer service’ is an organization with a range of operations and systems in place to provide customer satisfaction. The service customers receive from a company can hugely affect their perception of the company, and so Samsung Electronics, understanding the importance of customer satisfaction, is running a series of articles showcasing the company’s unique take on CS activities.


Samsung Electronics is known for its industry-leading array of devices, from smartphones to smart home products, that harness the latest technologies for optimized consumer convenience. But while the benefits and conveniences of such advanced functionalities are clear, in the case of an issue arising, it can often be difficult for a user to accurately detail complex problem situations by verbal description alone, subsequently affecting the efficacity of a CS consultant’s advice.


To mitigate this problem for consumers, Samsung Electronics has this year for the first time introduced a Visual Support service as part of its Global Contact Center offering.



Just One Click for Comprehensive Visual Support


The Samsung Global Contact Center’s Visual Support service is a more personalized form of customer support wherein a consultant is able to provide advice based on actual visuals of the affected product provided by the user.


Easy and intuitive to use, once it has been requested by the customer or consultant, the consultant will then send a URL link via SMS message to the customer which launches straight into the Visual Support permissions process – there is no need for customers to download a separate application.


Many customers have already expressed their satisfaction with this innovative service; in a customer satisfaction survey conducted in countries where Visual Support is available, the average score was 93.4, up from the call-only service satisfaction score of 88.7.


Customer feedback so far has reflected the satisfaction score shift; an Australian customer who used the service to fix washing machine drainage noted, “I did not have to reach out to Samsung a second time via email to send the pictures needed, as the consultant just used a photo taken while on the call using Visual Support. It was very convenient.” Another customer in the Philippines explained why they had rated the service 5 stars, “It’s great that Samsung is coming up with new ways to assist their customers, especially for ones like me who are not particularly ‘tech-y’ and don’t really know anything about non-conventional washing machines.”


Once the customer has granted Visual Support secure permission, the consultant on the other end of the line is then able to analyze a product as seen directly through the customer’s camera. This enables the consultant to more accurately assess the situation, request more information from the customer and guide them forward with specific measures.


The quick four-step process for enabling Visual Support



Useful Functionalities for Effective Customer Care

Samsung’s Visual Support service includes several useful functions for efficient and effective consultation. Both the consultant and the customer can use a mouse or a finger to annotate their device’s screen, meaning that both parties can indicate to the other the specific area of the product they are referring to. Furthermore, prior to Visual Support, the process of conveying a product’s model name or serial number – often complex in themselves – had to be manually done by the customer, but with Visual Support this process is an easy and automatic one thanks to the scan function of the service.


Not only does Visual Support allow customers and consultants to simultaneously speak via telephone and stream images, but if the product’s lighting environment is not good, the consultant can also remotely turn on the customer’s phone flashlight in order to better assess the situation. The images captured by Visual Support during a consultation can also come in useful further down the product repair process.


Screens showcase what customer consultation looks like using Visual Support


Thanks to the improved troubleshooting of Visual Support, customers can easily and accurately receive a diagnosis from one of Samsung’s consultants without having to struggle with technical and complex product details themselves. The in-depth analysis granted by Visual Support also means that consultants can make qualified judgements on whether or not a product actually needs to be sent for repair, saving time and effort for the customer.



Convenient, Accurate and Efficient Customer Service

Not only have customers noted their satisfaction with the service, but also Samsung’s consultants and repair engineers. One consultant noted that upon consulting for a TV product with abnormal color issues, “the customer’s inquiry was much easier to understand when looking at the screen together compared to just having the issue explained over the phone. For counseling purposes, it makes much more sense to actually see a sound bar or monitor terminal.” Similarly, Samsung’s repair engineers have found themselves conducting home visits only when actually necessary and can enter repair situations with a much more detailed understanding of a product and any issues.


Samsung consultants use Visual Support to diagnose issues whilst on customer calls


With the introduction of the Visual Support service, consultants can now directly assess a product’s environment as well as its appearance, something that previously could not be verified in generalized phone counseling. As a result, the accuracy of diagnoses on home appliance products – which often experience non-defect-related issues – has significantly improved.


Visual Support is currently operating in 12 countries including Korea, the USA, the UK, India, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand. Following the favorable response from customers and consultants alike, Samsung plans to launch the service globally by the end of the year, as well as to grow the supported product lineup to include medical device products and others in the near future.

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