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Promoting Safety with Policy, Product and Operations

What is and isn’t allowed on Facebook?

The answers are found in Facebook’s Community Standards. What constitutes bullying? Can you post a photo of real-life events that may be graphic or violent? Is it okay to post a photo of nudity as a form of protest or art? The Community Standards outline Facebook’s policies about what is and isn’t permitted, and the goal of these standards is to encourage expression and create a safe environment.

Facebook has published guidelines, which were previously internal, to explain how we enforce the Community Standards. We now want to talk about the teams behind this work. At Facebook’s scale, content review requires the partnership of multiple teams and subject matter experts across policy, product, and operations. These teams work together to address enforcement with the thought and skill a project of this complexity requires. All three teams work in concert and each depends on the others.

In this video, the people who lead each of these teams walk us through how this works.

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