Guest post by Maria Dincel

Think about the last moment that gave you goosebumps. The last time you saw something that inspired you. The most recent reminder that working tirelessly at something you’re passionate about is 100 percent worth it. Those are the moments that truly matter. And sometimes, we’re lucky enough where those moments intersect with our professional endeavors and we can bring that special feeling to others.

Last Friday, world-famous band OneRepublic turned an ordinary afternoon into an extraordinary experience when they surprised the students of Oakland Technical High School with a private performance as part of Cisco’s partnership with the group and the GRAMMY Museum. And when junior Nick Reeves – a world-class cellist – joined the band on-stage to perform one of their biggest hits, “Secrets,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the school auditorium.



Moments like these are why Cisco partners with the biggest names in the sports and entertainment industry – to forge connections and bring opportunities of a lifetime to the people who matter most.

OneRepublic’s surprise performance at Oakland Tech is part of a larger partnership between Cisco and the GRAMMY Museum, in which Cisco and the Good Life Foundation – OneRepublic’s charitable foundation – funded 20 grants at high schools across the country to support music education. From the 20 recipients, Oakland Tech was chosen for the special performance to reward and acknowledge the amazing work being done at the school. The fact that they have a world-class cellist among their student body? Simply an amazing added bonus.

Throughout the 60-minute performance, OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder spoke to the students about the power of music and encouraged them to pursue their dreams and passion, even though it won’t always be easy. “Some of you all are going to be songwriters, recording artists, classical composers,” Tedder told the students. “Every one of those gigs is the best gig on earth.”  

And Friday afternoon in that school auditorium was the best reminder of how Cisco can have a positive impact on those around us.

As the Official Wi-Fi and Digital Network Architecture Partner for OneRepublic’s 2017 Honda Civic Tour, Cisco has worked with the band and their production team for the past year to make connectivity more seamless and efficient while on the road touring. Read more about the Cisco – OneRepublic partnership here.

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