I’m still processing the overwhelming number of new features announced at Ignite 2017. Microsoft produced a really amazing event. It was extraordinarily well orchestrated, with key “moments” highlighting each day of the conference.

The flow of the event went from the general to the specific — with big picture “roll up” announcements early in the week and deeper dives as the week progressed. The experience capped off with an epic private party at the Universal Orlando theme park.

The announcements and new features in SharePoint were impressive as well — especially what will soon arrive to Office 365 lists and libraries. These announcements had this information architect happy dancing in her seat — and I’d like to share a few of the key new and upcoming magical capabilities that I think will have a big impact on SharePoint adoption and business outcomes. (For more

If you prompt them, users will add metadata

Let’s face it: Our users don’t love adding metadata to document libraries. One reason is that we often ask for too much, so be smart about metadata and only ask for attributes that are really necessary. But another reason they don’t do it is because it’s a pain to add, especially when you drag and drop one or more documents into a modern SharePoint library. Today, users are not prompted to enter metadata in the modern document library experience, so — no surprise — they don’t add it.

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