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Behind each technological innovation, there is a person with a dream that they are determined to bring to fruition. Today we are excited to launch a new community and series that tells the stories of incredible heroes from all walks of life who are innovating to help solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

Their stories shine a light on discovering what is possible when big hearts, inspirational ideas and innovative technologies converge. We know that technology doesn’t change the world, people do. AI is a game-changing tool that enables people and organizations to solve complex social, health and environmental challenges. With the growing accessibility of AI, we’re seeing this in action—humans accelerating meaningful innovation to improve lives and benefit the planet. These are stories of hope and human empowerment.

Meet our AI heroes

Photos of four individuals who are featured in a new Humans and AI website

Our first four stories are dedicated to people who are innovating to fight COVID-19. Visit the site to see how they are using AI to combat the virus on multiple fronts, then chat with them live on Sept. 15 during a LinkedIn Live event, followed by a #MicrosoftAIChat on Twitter. They are, from left to right in the image above:

  • Meet Hadas Bitran: When COVID-19 ravaged the world, she saw a great need to help frontline healthcare workers by developing a COVID-19 self-assessment bot that enables people to check their symptoms before going to a medical appointment.
  • Meet Dr. Greg Bowman: When COVID-19 started, his lab decided to use their army of citizen scientists and Microsoft AI to advance research and accelerate potential treatments.
  • Meet Kelvin Summoogum: He founded MiiCare, a digital companion for the elderly that helps them live safely and independently.
  • Meet Alice Piterova: In the time of COVID-19, she and her cohort at AI for Good UK created an AI model that simulates the spread of COVID-19 in refugee camps.

Here’s how you can be a part of the conversation on Sept. 15:

LinkedIn Live at 8:15 am PT: Influencer and futurist Bernard Marr will be joined by the first four individuals featured in the Humans and AI series: Hadas, Alice, Kelvin and Greg. Tune in live on Bernard Marr’s LinkedIn page for the live video to ask questions and meet these inspirational individuals.

Twitter chat at 9 am PT: The conversation continues on Twitter with the #MicrosoftAIChat hosted by Bernard Marr, Hadas, Alice, Kelvin and Greg. This Twitter chat will discuss #HumansAndAI and will be a forum for anyone to meet our team and share ideas on how technology can be applied to challenges and problems we collectively face as a united global community.

How to join the Twitter Chat:

Never participated in a Twitter chat? Welcome! We’ll ask the following five questions starting at 9 am PT on Sept. 15. Anyone can join in by sharing and answering:

  1. If you could launch an AI startup, what would it be? And “@” tag anyone you want to partner with in your reply.
  2. What problem or societal challenge drives your innovation?
  3. Why is AI a potential tool for solving societal challenges?
  4. What is the most inspiring use of AI you have seen?
  5. Do you know an incredible #HumansAndAI leader or do you have a story to share?

You can share the questions with your community or answer by quote RTing the tweets and adding your answer + tagging the tweet with #MicrosoftAI and #HumansandAI. To follow the conversation once we get started on Twitter, just type #MicrosoftAI #HumansandAI into the search bar, or click this link to find the chat on Twitter.

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