Marketing: Subliminal Messaging Sells

    Hot breath and a feel good moan drift lazily on the morning. The darkness fades to dusky dawn and color fingers the sky. The boom of traffic and the drone of the business machine spikes and the rush is on.

    Marketing: The thought escapes.

    Your product sitting in a wasteland of unending new developments awaits the impact of a sales team focused on bringing in the buyer. Will it sell? Is the product good enough? Is there a market for a purple sock of destruction that eliminates dust from the core of the room? A market for WHAT?

    No matter what the product may be, given appropriate marketing and an enthusiastic introduction, it can be sold. Sales is inevitable. There are “Vita-slicers” in practically every kitchen in America, and they don’t work. It is not the product that sells, it’s the marketing.

    Having someone in a Hooter’s(tm) costume doing the sales is always helpful. The underlying message to your buyer will be that this product, whatever it is will make you a more appealing person, will make you smarter, better looking, more successful, or richer. That message isn’t factual. I don’t recall meeting a single owner of a “Vita-slicer” who fit into the string bikini worn by the 1970’s model who sold them. But, many women bought them under the surmise they would be more attractive and could cook in their bikini?

    Subliminal messaging can bring in the buyer, but if you want repeat buyers, your message should be rooted in factual informative marketing data.

    Does anyone know if they still make the “Vita-slicer” I’d like one for my birthday if you can cut up veggies in a string bikini and look sexy doing it…

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