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Introducing Oculus Rift S: A New PC VR Headset Coming This Spring

Today at GDC, we unveiled Oculus Rift S — a new VR headset that combines the convenience of built-in Oculus Insight tracking technology with the full power of your PC. Built on the Rift Platform, Rift S gives gamers and tech enthusiasts access to the most immersive content that VR has to offer, and it’s launching this spring for $399 USD.

Rift S replaces the original Rift with an upgrade to a higher resolution display, improved optics, and a feature called Passthrough+, which gives you a glimpse of the real world around you without ever taking off the headset.

Each year, GDC brings together the developers and creators working to push the gaming industry forward, and we’re excited to share the next phase of PC VR gaming with all of you.

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