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How to Do More by Doing Less with Samsung’s Ecosystem – Samsung Global Newsroom

Most of us today use multiple mobile and smart devices in our everyday lives. While each device has its own strengths, Samsung integrates these capabilities into an intuitive ecosystem. By offering seamless connectivity across devices, the ecosystem helps users accomplish more with greater ease.



Here is how Samsung’s ecosystem can simplify your daily life.



Don’t Let the Music Stop

There are few things more irritating than needing to hit the pause button in the middle of a song. Samsung’s music continuity feature lets you enjoy your favorite tunes and podcasts without interruptions.1 With just a simple tap, the function automatically switches your audio from your mobile device to a nearby speaker or TV.




Hands-Free Texting

Samsung’s ecosystem makes texting easier than ever before. Bixby lets you dictate messages, freeing your hands to complete other essential tasks.




Answer Calls Anywhere

There’s no need to miss a call just because you can’t find your phone. Samsung’s ecosystem offers Call & Message Continuity, which means you can answer calls with the Galaxy Tab S5e if your phone is out of reach.2




Send Messages from Your Wrist

Remember that time when you had to take everything out of your bag to find your phone and send a message? With the Galaxy Watch Active, you can leave your phone in the bag and send messages right from your wrist.




1Feature availability may vary by device and region.

2Wi-Fi or data connection required for Call & Message Continuity on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Tab S5e. CMC functionality may vary by carrier. Data charges may apply when using on a carrier network.

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