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Future Decoded 2018: in pictures

Tens of thousands of people attended Microsoft’s Future Decoded in London on October 31 and November 1.

Partners, consumers, experts, journalists and analysts heard from keynote speakers including Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella, UK CEO Cindy Rose, Azure Executive Vice-President Jason Zander, UK Chief Technology Officer Michael Wignall, broadcaster and author Matthew Syed.

During the event, Microsoft announced a partnership with British Gas owner Centrica, a deal with NHSScotland to revolutionise healthcare in the country and cut waiting times, a tie-up with the University of Cambridge to help AI research in the UK, and the expansion of the “defending democracy” program.

Microsoft also released research on AI, showing that nearly half of bosses believe their business model won’t exist by 2023.

Here’s everything that happened during the two days (click pictures to enlarge):


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