The business world is quickly evolving to a place where many employees work remotely. The benefits of working remote are numerous, yet with this transition comes potential security risks. To better protect and secure a mobile workforce, Fujitsu has teamed with Microsoft to build devices with Windows 10 Pro and industry-leading biometric options including Windows Hello and palm vein authentication to prevent security attacks in the modern workplace.

Working from anywhere at any time is increasingly the new standard and companies worldwide are modernizing their technology to thrive in this environment. To support this transition, we at Fujitsu partnered with Microsoft to build devices that are highly mobile, flexible and secure. For a behind-the-scenes look, please watch “Enabling the Modern Workplace”.**

There are many reasons for companies to modernize their technology and embrace the remote workstyle. Here are my top 3: long-term cost savings, increased employee productivity, and a competitive recruiting edge.

More than just enabling remote access, technology modernization includes providing the most secure environment to protect your employees, company, and customers.

Modern Security

Per Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics*, over 60% of security attacks stem from compromised user credentials. To minimize this very real security concern, Microsoft developed Windows Hello facial and fingerprint recognition and Fujitsu has brought to market another biometric option, palm vein authentication. PalmSecure, the technology behind palm vein authentication, maps the veins under your skin to confirm identity. Already used by companies and organizations around the world, including Banco Bradesco and Lotte Card, palm vein technology is designed to provide access protection for devices and prevent compromised credentials.

How do Windows Hello and palm vein authentication work?

Windows Hello (fingerprint):

Windows Hello

Swipe your finger over the sensor. The sensor will read your unique fingerprint. Once identity is confirmed, you are logged in.

Palm vein authentication:

Palm Vein

Place your hand above the sensor. The sensor will read your unique vein map. Once identity is confirmed, you are logged in.

Start modernizing your workplace:

Fujitsu and Microsoft are committed to continually innovating so every CIO can confidently enable a mobile and remote workforce while maintaining top-level security.

**Fujitsu has evaluated the Microsoft Companion Device Framework for potential integration with Fujitsu’s proprietary palm vein solution, however the integrated solution release date is still undetermined.

Updated February 8, 2018 9:07 am

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