” As the world is digitizing, automation is the key tenant – how we manage and automate manual processes.”

Yvette Kanouff, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Service Providers, sees her role as making sure people stay connected, whether through web, mobile, or automation. But she’s just as passionate about her job as she is about promoting diversity in technology. Focus Magazine recently got the chance to get her views about 2018 trends within services providers and the industry as a whole.
Focus Magazine: Tell me about your role as SVP/GM of Cisco Service Providers. It’s a big title. Tell me about your responsibilities.

Yvette Kanouff: I head up the routing, mobile, cable, video, and optical products and P&L for Cisco’s Service Provider business – this includes Web, Mobile, Satellite, and Cable operators worldwide. It is an exciting business, especially given the ongoing bandwidth growth and new areas like 5G, automation, and virtualization.

Focus Magazine: 2017 was a big year—especially with the new portfolio of predictive services powered by AI. Is that where you see the future in machine learning and AI?

Yvette Kanouff: These are critical in the networking space. As our networks are constantly growing (8x Increase in mobile data traffic globally by 2020), we need to enhance our operational tools such that networks can self learn, self manage, and self heal. Machine learning and AI are key factors in this area.

Focus Magazine: know you were just at CES and talked a lot about automation – and connected cars. Tell me what excites you so much about this space.
Yvette Kanouff: Connectivity is expanding to connected lives – connected cars, manufacturing, mining, retail, fulfillment, and so much more. We offer solutions to enable connected ‘things’ as well as manage them. As the world is digitizing, automation is the key tenant – how we manage and automate manual processes. Cisco’s solutions for IOT and management and networking are critical in this transition.
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