Easy Aerial Raptor Hybrid Tethered and Free-Flying Drone

    Easy Aerial RaptorThe new Easy Aerial Raptor is a drone built for the future of autonomous applications.  The hybrid tethered or free fly, drone-in-a-box system gives companies the unprecedented flexibility to use the best mode for the mission.

    US-based Easy Aerial provides autonomous drone-based inspection, monitoring and surveillance solutions for commercial, government, and military applications.  Easy Aerial offers a suite of drones designed for different applications: but the Raptor drone “is the first of its kind to offer operators the option to fly tethered or untethered, and the ability to untether during flight.”

    Raptor is a drone-in-a-box solution – a drone that can re-charge itself without assistance, designed for autonomous missions.  The tether enables “prolonged situational awareness or persistent surveillance, providing a continuous data and video feed to field personnel or the command center.”

    What is truly unique about this newest product is the ability to switch from tether to free flying – even in the middle of flight.  “Following a command from an operator, a triggered alarm, or if the onboard sensors identify a pre-selected object, the tether is released, descends via parachute, and is spooled back into its ground station. The Raptor then continues on a free-flight autonomous or manually operated pursuit mission.”

    “Upon completing its objective, or if the onboard batteries run low, the system will automatically return for a precision landing in the Easy Guard, even if the ground station has moved to a new location.”

    In a surveillance situation, the new capability means that the drone can notify personnel of an intruder – and then follow the intruder to provide more information to the command center.  For military or civil operations, it’s a powerful feature.

    The Raptor’s hybrid system makes it well-suited for long-range overwatch or surveillance missions, day and night, even in extreme weather conditions. In free-flight mode, the system can fly up to 12 miles at speeds in excess of 60 MPH with a maximum 4.5lb payload capacity. In addition, the system supports a wide range of optical and thermal sensors to meet any specific operational requirement.

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