Drone Tech Innovation Will Flow Emergency Footage Directly to 911 Call Centers

    A drone flying over a wildfire

    Source: Edgybees

    A new techno-marriage is about to give 911 dispatchers a life-saving view from above thanks to drone innovation.

    Public-safety tech firm Carbyne this week announced a partnership with Edgybees, a provider of high-precision, geo-registration software for aerial video. The new integration will help improve response time and accuracy during emergencies by flowing real-time drone video footage directly from the scene to 911 dispatchers and command centers.

    Edgybees’ AI-centric software solution will expand on Carbyne’s existing video-imagery data set and provide high-precision geographical registration from any drone, which can then be transmitted into any application gateway connector.

    “Carbyne can receive footage from any connected drone and stream it directly to the 911 call center, not only giving dispatchers and first responders an aerial view of the territory, but also providing additional key data points such as specific street names or traffic lights to pinpoint the exact location of the disaster,” a Carbyne media statement noted.

    “This unique approach generates real-time, detailed overlays of roads, key landmarks, and other mission-critical data on top of live video feeds, enabling defense, public safety and critical infrastructure teams to accomplish lifesaving and high-urgency missions quickly and safely.”

    Saving lives with drones

    Carbyne President Erez Tsur said the improvements will help plug several operational holes that often plague emergency response systems. “It’s evident the outdated system requires improvements that will save more lives and simplify the method overall,” he said.

    “Technological advancements in emergency response, such as the incorporation of real-time video or even drone capabilities, are streamlining mission-critical operations like never before. Carbyne is eager to partner with Edgybees to elevate our platform’s accuracy, improve life-saving measures, and achieve unprecedented location precision in the face of danger or disaster.”

    Edgybees platforms have been deployed to several major disaster zones, including wildfires in California and Australia.

    “Adding real-time video augmented with accurate geo-location of roads and key landmarks delivers a new level of visibility to response centers using the Carbyne emergency collaboration platform,” Edgybees CEO Adam Kaplan said.

    Setting safety standards

    As drone technology continues to show its worth to the public-safety sector, government agencies are stepping up to the plate with frshfunding. In April, the U.S. Department of Commerce awarded a grant to Airborne International Response Team, AIRT, to help public safety programs establish standards and training programs.

    ”The grant funding will be used by AIRT’s DRONERESPONDERS program to help implement standard test methods for sUAS developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a way to objectively evaluate aircraft capabilities, focus training with measures of remote pilot proficiency, and support pilot credentialing,” an AIRT press release stated.

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