Digital Art Changes How We Ideate: Going Digitally Native with the Webex Board

Going Digitally Native with the Webex Board

I recently sat down with representatives from Freeman and ImageThink to talk about their experience with the Webex Board during one of Cisco’s largest user conferences. ImageThink was hired by Freeman to live scribe and graphically record key talks. I’ve seen their work before at other conferences, but this time was different, this time, they ditched the paper and were going digitally native with the Webex Board.

“Digital projectors and displays have really advanced in the past five years. We’ve used visuals to communicate more effectively since the dawn of man, and now, the digital space is expanding our capabilities. It’s cave painting, but for a few thousand people all over the world, and it’s available in an instant.”

Miles Mosley, Director of Business Development at ImageThink

ImageThink sites “digital graphic recording” as a game changer for conferences. Visually recording straight to digital provides real-time benefits that pen-and-paper can’t beat. To provide the digital graphic recording experience for most conferences, Freeman will set up a large screen with a live feed from the artist’s digital tablet. This provides an immersive experience for in-person attendees and gives online attendees instant access to the same material.

“Each venue is different, each year is different, and each event requires you to think about how our clients want to share their message. Cisco likes to use as many of their devices as possible on the show floor – and what better way than to put a Webex Board in practice.”

-Cindy Shine, Senior Marketing Strategist at FreemanXP

At Cisco Live this year, graphic artists were sprinkled around the show to draw on Webex Boards to visually communicate everything from technical talks and thought leadership to customer case studies.

All three sizes of the Webex Board were used for the conferences (55”, 72” and 85”).

“The Board really makes an impact on the show floor, it’s a beautiful display,” said Cindy.

Beyond Beautiful Displays & Wireless Sharing

Cindy is right – the display IS vivid and bright and allows easy, wireless sharing. But Webex has taken it one step further. The product management team refers to the board as an all-in-one device that acts as a “tablet on the wall.”

Just like a digital tablet, you can ideate over the course of days without fear of someone cleaning the conference room and erasing your precious whiteboards. Webex has taken the digital whiteboard even further, allowing co-located teams to simultaneously iterate on the same whiteboards. The Webex Board allows users to continue the conversation whenever you are ready, and where ever you are.

Live Scribing Encourages Co-Creation

I asked about presenting ideas within art vs. slideware. Both agree that drawing while collaborating encourages others to share ideas.

“We call it the ‘wantingness to share. This is especially important with global teams. If you can co-create assets and output in real time, you will foster collaboration. When everyone is participating, everyone feels part of the project and is more connected to the outcome.”

-Lilly Lam, Graphic Recorder with ImageThink

Session at Cisco Live being led by the Webex Board at Cisco Live

“We’ve seen more people interact and ask more questions when a session is led via whiteboard,” said Miles. “The Webex Board provides a functional working document that’s living and breathing in multiple locations – that is a huge benefit for co-located teams who need to make amendments.”

Professional Artists Need Not Apply

You’re not a professional artist like Lilly? Don’t sweat it. Digital ideation is not about cartoon characters and perfect handwriting. It’s the act of co-creating and designing something as a team. It’s about being able to step away, and come back – right where you left off.

I encourage you to pick up that stylus and walk right up to the Webex Board and get started.

And don’t be intimidated! It’s so easy a kid can do it.


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