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Data-Driven Galaxy S8 Campaign Takes Home Two Effie Awards – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung Southeast Asia & Oceania’s (SEAO) data-driven Galaxy S8 campaign, ‘Live Unboxed: Precision Marketing’, was recently recognized with honors at both the APAC and Singapore editions of the prestigious Effie Awards. The campaign clinched Samsung’s first-ever APAC Effie (a Silver; the highest honor in the ‘Programmatic’ category), and won a Bronze (the only award in the same category) at this year’s Singapore Effie Awards.


Started by the New York American Marketing Association in 1968 to honor the year’s most effective advertising efforts, the Effie Awards have come to represent one of the highest honors that advertisers and agencies can receive. Today, the awards recognize companies and individuals across six continents and 40 countries for all forms of effective marketing communications.


Samsung’s campaign was implemented across a total of seven countries throughout Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Leveraging high-end programmatic and machine-learning technologies across social and display media, ‘Live Unboxed’ delivered a staggering 9,500 creative combinations with 1.2 billion total impressions.


The campaign fostered a highly personalized experience for consumers that resulted in strong performance across the conversion funnel. To create that experience, Samsung SEAO’s Consumer Data-Driven Marketing (CDM) team developed a first-of-its-kind digital ‘micro-segmentation’ model that added nuance to the end-consumer profile. The team then used those insights to produce creative content that would allow them to drive product relevance specific to individual needs for a broad and complex mix of audiences.


The campaign’s performance was evaluated based on acceleration in consumer engagement and intent-to-purchase rather than soft metrics such as brand impressions and engagement.


Upon accepting the award, Geetika Bisla, Samsung SEAO’s Regional Mobile Marketing Lead, CDM Group, remarked on how taking a more personal approach to data helped Samsung pull off a more effective campaign.


“We are extremely happy that our campaign has been honored with such a prestigious marketing effectiveness award,” said Bisla. “While many might think that data revolves around impersonal algorithms, our ‘Live Unboxed’ campaign for the Galaxy S8 shows how data-driven marketing delivers purpose-led and personalized communications that are highly effective. It is our endeavor to continue marrying creative intuition and data in the age of hyper-personalization.”



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