Contixo 4K GPS Quadcopter Drone with HD FPV Camera Live Video for Adults with Custom Case & 2 Batteries

    Price: $189.98
    (as of Sep 25,2021 06:18:43 UTC – Details)

    Product Description

    F22 Plus 2K FHD Camera FPV with 4K HD Still Images Drone – Comes with 2 Batteries and 32GB SD Card

    F22 PremiumF22 Premium

    Why are we different?

    – 2K FHD Camera FPV with 4K HD Still Images Drone

    – drone for adults

    – 40 mins Max Flight Time (20 Min x 2 Batteries)

    – 120° FOV lens and 90° Vertical Adjustable Camera

    – 750 FT Video Transmission with a WiFi Range

    – Control Range of 1,800 FT

    – Fast Charging: About 2 hours of charging time (5V=3A)

    – Easy operation丨Foldable & Flexible丨Level 7 wind resistance

    – 32 GB SD Card included

    – Carrying Case: The well-fitted carrying case makes it easy to take the drone outdoor

    1080p WiFi HD

    1080p WiFi HD

    Selfie Mode - Selfy

    Selfie Mode - Selfy

    2 batteries

    2 batteries

    Waterproof Carrying Case

    Waterproof Carrying Case

    2K FHD Camera FPV with 4K HD Still Images in Our App

    A 120° FOV Lens and 90° Vertical Adjustable camera gives a broad view of the memorable moment. The integrated 2K FHD Camera FPV with 4K HD Image transmission enables you to enjoy fluent and clear live video from birds-eye perspective when saved to Micro SD card

    Gesture Control

    Make a “Yeah” gesture, the camera takes a photo; make a “PALM” gesture, the camera starts recording. This Selfie Mode grants you a hands-free experience that enables you to take a picture of videos.

    2 Intelligent Batteries

    Enjoy flying the Contixo F22 Plus Quadcopter Drone up to 40 minutes (20+20) of flight time per single charge. The battery’s integrated LED light displays exactly how much power is remaining.

    Portable Carrying Case

    The exclusive carrying case allows you to safely store and transport your new hobby toy. Never worry about removing or uninstalling the propellers again. The carrying case make it convenient to carry around.

    Auto Return - GPS Safe Return Home

    Auto Return - GPS Safe Return Home

    Orbit Mode - Point of Interest

    Orbit Mode - Point of Interest

    Custom Flight Path - Tapfly - Waypoints

    Custom Flight Path - Tapfly - Waypoints

    GPS Follow Me - Drone Follows You Mode

    GPS Follow Me - Drone Follows You Mode

    Auto Return Home

    Contixo F22 Plus will fly back to Take-off Point whenever you press the one key return. If it runs out of power, loses connection, or accidentally fly it out of range, it will automatically fly back.

    Point of Interest

    This function, also called “Orbit Mode”, allows the F22 drone to continually circle clockwise around you or a preset point for a full 360-degree view to make every capture more fun to watch.

    Custom Flight Path

    Contixo Drone APP control available. Simply draw a route or tap several points (Max. 16) on the APP screen, and it will fly in a directed way you draw and send back real time landscape to you.

    GPS Follow Me

    Record your every move. Whether you run, cycle, ski, surf, or any other sports, capture it all. Perfect for recording specially family moments, trips, and just about anything you can think of.

    32 GB SD card32 GB SD card


    Weight: 1 lbs

    Control Range: 1,800 feet

    Drone Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 4 inches

    Camera: 2K WiFi Camera with 4K images in our App

    Remote Controller: 2.4 GHz

    Flight Time: up to 40 Mins (20+20)

    Charging Time: 120 Minutes

    FAA Registration: Not required

    What You Get

    1 x Pre-assemble Drone

    2 x 7.4V 1200 mAh Li-Po Batteries and Transmitter

    1x 2K WiFi Camera with 4K images in our App

    1 x Extra Set of Spare Propellers and Smartphone Holder

    1 x Screwdriver Tool Set and User Manual

    1 x Compact Carrying Case

    1 x 32 GB SD Card


    2K FHD Camera with Up/Down Gimbal and 4K Images in our App

    1080P HD with 6 Axis Gyro

    2.7K UHD Camera with Up/Down Gimbal

    4K Ultra High Definition Camera with Single Axis

    4K UHD Camera 2-Axis Self stabilizing Gimbal

    WiFi Range and Transmission Type

    Up to 750 Feet/ 2.4Ghz

    Up to 800 Feet/ 2.4Ghz

    Up to 1800 Feet/ 5Ghz

    Up to 1500 Feet/ 5Ghz

    Up to 4000 Feet/ 5Ghz

    RC Controller Range and Flight Time

    1800 feet/ Up to 20 minutes x 2

    160 feet (unobstructed) / Up to 13 minutes

    3600 Feet/ Up to 30 minutes

    3600 Feet/ Up to 16 minutes x 2

    5000 Feet/ Up to 30 minutes



    Gesture Control


    Brushless Motor



    Follow Me

    Orbit Mode/Point of Interest


    Waypoint/ Tap Fly


    Battery / Accessories

    2 Batteries / SD Card Included

    Single Battery / N/A

    Single Battery / N/A

    2 Batteries / SD Card Included

    Single Batteries / SD Card Included

    ✔GPS ASSISTED FLIGHT WITH TONS OF FEATURES: With GPS location, the drone can stabilize and automatically Return to Home when its battery is low, or the signal is lost. Record Hi-Def adventures when using the follow, Me, Orbit Mode or just set the drone to fly in a circle along the path you set. Includes Selfie Mode, Gesture Control, Headless Mode, Auto Hover, First Person View, 1-Key Takeoff and Landing. Contact us for your FREE 32 GB SD Card.
    ✔BUILT-IN ADJUSTABLE WIDE-ANGLE 2K HD WiFi CAMERA AND 4K Images through our App – Be the Videographer, the Contixo F22 drone allows you to both take pictures or record live video. Edit and upload your videos clips to Social Media using your iphone or ipad. Our Free downloadable Contixo app to fly and operate your F22 RC Remote
    ✔PRE-ASSEMBLED GPS FOLDABLE DRONE WITH COMPACT DESIGN – The Contixo F22 comes ready to fly right out the box. Unlike other drones the F22 has all of its parts already attached, with the F22 being so portable you can fold out its wings and calibrate it for flight and have it in the air in a seconds notice and if you would like to put it away you can fold it right back up and be on your way.
    ✔ CUSTOM STORAGE CASE INCLUDED- The exclusive carrying case made specifically for the Contixo F22 Drone, allows you to safely store and transport your Foldable GPS Drone. Never worry about removing the propellers or taking your new hobby apart. This carrying case makes it safe and convenient to transport your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) everywhere!
    ✔ VIDEO TRANSMISSION WITH A WIFI RANGE OF 750 FEET – If youve ever wanted to show off your previous flights that you have had with your F22 drone or show off some great pictures of the horizon or the sun setting you can do the with the F22, with its ablity to save pictures, video and share both on social media all from your smart phone, capture the best pictures and video from 750 feet away in real time.

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