This is a guest post by Alex Rosen 

Over the last year, Cisco technology has traveled around the globe with the world’s best musical artists through our Live Nation partnership – from U2’s Joshua Tree tour to OneRepublic’s Oh My My world tour. And now for an encore, we are excited to announce our latest connected concert experience endeavor.

Justin Timberlake and his team have chosen Cisco to power one of the most anticipated tours of the year: the global Man of the Woods Tour, which kicks off tomorrow, March 13th in Toronto.

From setup to tear-down and every magical moment in between, what tours of this magnitude need is automation, intelligence, flexibility and ultimately the trust that things are safe, secure and guaranteed to work. 

  • It’s about simplifying – having a network that connects devices (phones, printers, and more) to each other seamlessly through Cisco Meraki, instead of running miles of cable all over the place to connect the many different aspects of the show’s production and equipment.
  • It’s about protection – the ability to continuously monitor and be cognizant around what is transpiring and who is present with Cisco video surveillance equipment, instead of wondering who is backstage in highly sensitive areas and fast-paced transitions.
  • It’s about efficiency – that last minute change, that call that needs to get through, or that technical issue that must be solved immediately, and being able to do it all from a central touchpoint.

We are providing the technology backbone – from the Meraki network with a centrally-controlled operations dashboard to the secure Cisco video surveillance system – to make sure every aspect of his tour performs just as well backstage as Justin does on-stage.

Just like Justin delivers flawlessly at every show, so does Cisco. Together, we will create the passionate and unforgettable moments and memories that fans crave. This is something only an intuitive network can do. And this is why the Man of the Woods Tour partnered with Cisco.

As industry leaders and co-innovators, Cisco and Live Nation are committed to enabling the most connected concert experiences for fans and artists, from venue infrastructure and tour planning to show production and fan engagement. Read more about Cisco x Live Nation partnership at the official site here.


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