ANRA Introduces SmartSkies DELIVERY Software Solution

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    The growth of the drone industry can be difficult to measure: companies in hardware, sensors, accessories, security, and software development all play a part in creating the drone industry ecosystem.  The drone delivery sector is no different – recent research predicts that drone delivery will grow at a 53% CAGR over the near future, but that may be underestimating the sheer size of the ecosystem.  As regulations, public perception, and vendor participation contribute to the expansion of delivery programs, drone delivery software and tools are also developing.

    Now, UTM and airspace management experts ANRA Technologies have announced SmartSkies™ DELIVERY.  (See video below.). The end-to-end mobile and web-based software solution will provide drone delivery services for commercial, government, and medical applications – connecting vendors, customers, manufacturers and drone service providers in a single solution. SmartSkies™ DELIVERY “connects all the necessary stakeholders by providing the vital information and data exchanges necessary for safe, compliant, and efficient cargo and package deliveries,” says a press release.

    Drone delivery offers unique challenges for supply chain and airspace authorities, and service providers have to manage the supply cycle and the complexities of drone flight.  SmartSkies™ DELIVERY addresses both sides of the problem.  “It provides a fulfillment network for managing orders, inventory, and provisioning products – then safely operates the drone within the ANRA SmartSkies™ UTM network,” the release explains.

    SmartSkies™ DELIVERY incorporates ANRA airspace management technologies to enable safe transit for the drone while providing tracking and status updates to the customer on a mobile app. Additionally, all stakeholders in the supply chain are granted appropriate levels of access and credentials to view, control, and manage their respective tasks across the network and to maintain real-time situational awareness on inventory tracking, package health status, and order progress.

    “With the launch of SmartSkies Delivery, we now offer a solution for any organization to implement hardware and software agnostic drone delivery services,” said Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of ANRA Technologies. “Our delivery management system seamlessly connects new and existing supply chain, order fulfillment, airspace management and client-side technologies necessary  to execute an order and receive a delivery.”

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