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A New Way to Share Gift Ideas on Facebook

The holiday season is in full swing, and people are turning to Facebook to find and buy gifts. To help you send gift ideas more easily, we’re introducing the ability for people to share a collection of content saved on Facebook with specific friends and family.

We started rolling out the collection feature over a year ago as a way to help you save, easily organize and find posts from a friend or Page you follow, an ad, a Watch video, or Marketplace listing. Millions now use the feature each day, grouping this content into collections like “Living Room Remodel”, “Outfit Inspiration” and “Fitness Favorites.” And we’ve heard from people that they want to be able to share these collections with their Facebook friends.

With today’s launch, you can now share a collection so friends can view the content you’ve gathered and add new posts. For example, if you create a collection of products – a holiday wish list of sorts – you can share it with a group of hand-selected family members on Facebook to give them ideas of what gifts you’d love to receive for the holidays.

Or if you’re planning a holiday party with friends, you can create a collection called “holiday recipes” and share it with the rest of the group. Those invited can add holiday recipes they’ve discovered on Facebook and save in the shared collection. The possibilities extend beyond the holiday season — the feature can help friends plan a summer vacation, share wedding registry ideas, furnish a new apartment and more.

The collection sharing feature will roll out for everyone on Facebook over the next week. Happy sharing and shopping this holiday season!

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