5 Microsoft 365 features that will excite your users and drive adoption

    I’m always pleased to hear of users who are not only excited about the productivity benefits of Microsoft 365, but are seeing it drive new levels of creativity and collaboration within their organization. In this part of an ongoing series on user adoption, I’ll share some great features that can empower users to create their best work—and do it smarter and faster. Tools like PowerPoint Designer, which makes it easier than ever to create professional, high-quality presentations, and PowerPoint Presenter Coach, to help you deliver them with confidence and ease.

    Here are five features that can empower your users to achieve more:

    1. Create professional-looking presentations in minutes

    PowerPoint Designer is one of the easiest ways to create beautiful presentations without having to hire an expert. In just a few clicks, its capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), enable anyone to build professional-looking presentations by automatically suggesting slide designs, icons, themes, and illustrations for greater visual impact. It’s currently the most used AI feature in Office and has helped create over a billion slides.

    Building your presentation is easy. As you add text to a slide, Designer offers a background image and designs to choose from. If you change text, it automatically offers new suggestions. Then it will format bullet points and suggest icons based on your content, as well as check for grammatical consistency, word choice, punctuation, and spelling. If your content contains a timeline, it provides more visual slides.

    1. Visualize your data

    Excel Ideas helps users create high-quality documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in less time. Put simply, it uses AI to turn data into visualizations to help you easily identify summaries, trends, and patterns. In addition to getting recommendations from Ideas, you can also directly ask questions about your data and narrow down the Ideas by selecting only the fields you want to see. When you choose fields and how to summarize them, Ideas analyzes that data—speeding up the process and presenting fewer, more targeted suggestions.

    1. Present like a pro

    Now that you’ve made your content and graphs look amazing, PowerPoint Presenter Coach helps you nail your delivery. For some, the art of delivering an impactful presentation comes naturally, while for others it can be a stressful experience. Presenter Coach provides real-time feedback and suggestions to help you gain confidence and improve your public speaking abilities. As you practice presenting, it offers alternatives to filler words (e.g. “um”) as well as terms and phrases for inclusive audiences. It also alerts you when it senses you’re just reading the slides, or reading them too slow or fast. When you’re done, you see a summary page with insights on how to improve over time.

    • Watch PowerPoint Presenter Coach in action in this video.
    • To learn more about Presenter Coach, read this article.
    1. Never miss a meeting

    Now you can record meetings and group calls in Microsoft Teams to capture audio, video, and screen-sharing activity. Transcribed conversations, shared files, and comments are right in the feed—just type in specific keywords to jump directly to where those words were mentioned in the meeting. You can also play back meeting recordings with closed captions and search for important discussion items in the transcript. The recording happens in the cloud and is saved to Microsoft Stream, so users can download it and share it securely across their organization.

    1. Live outside the inbox

    The text-to-speech capability in Play My Emails lets busy professionals catch up on their inbox and stay productive anywhere. Next time you’re on your way into work, imagine being able to check your email before your first meeting. Play My Emails does exactly that. It uses the Cortana voice assistant to read all your emails, appointments, and events aloud while you stay on top of your other tasks. It even summarizes new and priority messages, estimates how long it will take to read them, and identifies attachments and scheduling conflicts. Users can flag messages for follow-up; archive, delete or skip messages; and dictate and send short replies.

    In this ongoing series, I’ll share more adoption insights, tips, and tools, plus stories from organizations like yours that are using Microsoft 365 to empower their employees and drive them toward a whole new way of working.

    Join me next month when I sit down with two Microsoft 365 Enterprise customers to discuss how they managed not just a successful software deployment but led adoption programs that drove usage across their organization.

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