$30 Or Less For An iPhone 6 Case, How Can I Find One?

    It has always been your practice to make a budget for everything – from your phone bill to your iPhone 6 case and that is good. You are a practical person and even if you have a lavish smartphone, which is a good decision by the way, you just want to get the best value of your money. This is the main reason why you believe that there is a $30 or less apple case for you. Apart from it being cost-friendly, it must be resilient and trendy too. But is there one to fit your specifications?

    The iPhone 6 is the smartphone of smartphones. Most mobile phone users patronize an Apple unit because of the way it functions and the name itself. But it is really expensive and requires the ultimate iPhone 6 case.

    Do not fret. There are many casings out there that will not burn a hole on your pocket. In fact, there are a couple of protective cases that fits the $30 budget. You can even find a $10 phone case that is not cheap in terms of quality. But yes, cheap in price, the price that most everyone is eyeing for.

    If you go to an auction website or one those third party online selling companies, the luxury case you are looking for is right there for a fraction of the cost. It is not fake or a knock off brand. It is just simply discounted.

    Spigen Neo Hybrid

    This iPhone 6 case is normally around $40 but at its reduced price, it can be bought for $18. This is a best seller not only for its low price but because it can protect your phone from all angles. For one, it is shock-proof. If ever by mistake you drop it, your phone is 100% secured. It also has a TPU back cover. TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane is textured and easy to grip.

    The inside of this particular apple case is textured too meaning there will be no scratches due to the casing itself. On plastic protective gears, inside scratching is a problem. Now, if you ask about how this particular iPhone 6 case looks, well, it has a metallic tone which comes in different colors – gold, silver, metal, white, gray and yellow.

    Speck Candy Shell

    For your iPhone 6, this hard plastic cover is the real deal. If on sale, the casing costs about $26 but its original price is more or less $35. This particular casing has a 1 year warranty too. The makers are quite sure that this phone cover is really sturdy. It has the military drop test certification which means no worries for the owner of the phone. It does not matter. You can drop it on water, concrete or soil and the phone is still intact.

    This iPhone 6 case has a cushioned inside the cover but it is hard as a rock outside. No impact on this casing can break it in half. Oh and yes, this luxury case is two-toned with the following available colors: black and slate gray, blue and charcoal gray, lighter blue and moss green, purple and deep blue, grey and yellow, black and jay blue, white and gray and red and black.

    If you have an idea where to look for the best finds, you will be able to get it. It does not mean that if your iPhone 6 case is discounted, economical or cheap, it is not useable. There are many casings out there to fit your $30 budget.

    Source by Kim Maureen Medel-Datumanong

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