Scam as a Service Inferno Drainer defrauds millions of dollars

    Reported by @Scam Sniffer, the Inferno Drainer which is a scam vendor specializing in multi-chain scams, has stolen $5.9 million in assets from nearly 4,888 victims through over 689 phishing websites targeting popular projects.

    Inferno Drainer promotes multichain fraud, Aave token and Art Blocks draining, MetaMask token approval exploits, and more.

    The authors of the “drainer” toolkit provide a modern admin panel with customization options and even offer a trial for interested buyers.

    Operators pay Inferno Drainer 20% of their proceeds, while the cut goes up to 30% for services that include the creation of phishing sites.

    By associating information, Scam Sniffer has monitored that Inferno has created over 689 phishing websites since 03-27.

    These phishing websites target more than 220 brands, such as Pepe, Bob, Collab.Land, zkSync, Sui, ChainGPT, PUYSPOP, etc., which are popular projects recently.

    The actual amount of the theft is now currently at 11 million USD, a very significant sum since Scam Sniffer reported the issue.

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